IP2Phrase™ - Free Dynamic Phrase for Websites and Visitors
IP2Phrase™ allows you to insert dynamic customizable welcome messages to your web page with geographical information.You can either design your own phrase or use one of our defaults.
Note: There is no need to install any special software on your webserver. You can use the service immediately.
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Our service requires no sign up or registration - just cut and paste this very small piece of javascript code onto your home page. However, we required a text backlink to our website.
Special welcome to our visitor
from Ashburn,United States.
Your IP address is
connecting to the Internet through
Amazon Technologies Inc..
How can this service be FREE?
Our technology sponsor, IP2Location™, is happy to provide this service for free to the web community, all they ask in exchange is a text backlink to our sponsor. Please get the text link code from one of the sample template codes below.
IP address
Select a welcome phrase from our templates or create your own phrase. If you are using your own phrase, you need to use the special keywords below to represent visitor's IP address and geographical locations.
  For example, if you want to show "City name is New York.", then the template is "City name is <CITY>."
Keyword Definition
IP address of visitor
Full country name of visitor
2-digit country name of visitor
State or region of visitor
City of visitor
Internet service provider (ISP) of visitor
Flag of country
Add the following javascript to your web page in between <body> ... </body> tag for the HTML syntax. You need to edit the web page using text editor or other tools and then upload it to the web server. Please replace (template) to actual template value.

<script language="Javascript" src="https://www.ip2phrase.com/ip2phrase.asp?template=(template)"></script><br>Powered by <a href="https://www.ip2location.com">IP2Location.com</a>

So, the actual add-in code for previous example:

<script language="Javascript" src="https://www.ip2phrase.com/ip2phrase.asp?template=City name is <CITY>."></script><br>Powered by <a href="https://www.ip2location.com">IP2Location.com</a>

Please do NOT remove our sponsor backlink. However, you can choose to move the link to other area in the same page.

You are browsing our website through ISP Amazon Technologies Inc..
Special welcome to our visitors from Ashburn, United States.
We also deliver to great places like - Ashburn (US).
Welcome to our visitors from great places like Ashburn, United States.
Good day to all the folks in Ashburn, United States.
Ashburn, United States - what a great place.
Hello to the people visiting this site from Ashburn, United States.
A warm welcome to my visitors from Ashburn.
Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you have a great day in Ashburn.
Whats the weather like in Ashburn today?
Hello to the people visiting this site from Ashburn, United States.
Hello to the people visiting this site from Ashburn, United States.

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